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And play with PalmLJ!!!! =) Can I be sick? Please?

Yesterday, I tried to figure out PalmLJ, but I got stuck. I got it installed and running, but in HotSync mode, you have to add users/profiles through the pilot-link conduit. There was no documentation on where that's supposed to be and what to do. I poked around in the most obvious places and I couldn't find anything that made sense.

And the source code for pilot-link doesn't compile under Cygwin. Bleh... I talked to Kev Vance about it and it turns out that PalmLJ just doesn't support Win32.

So, I'm borrowing Co-worker Boy's Palm for the weekend (he leaves it at work anyway!) and I'm going to try setting it up on Heretic. Co-worker Boy says he's sync'ed it with Gnome before... about a year and a half ago. This should mean, then, that with übercool Ximian, a year and a half later, I should be able to do it.



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