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Palm Problems

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mood: *meurf*
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I got Dmitri set up. The Palm is Russian and his name is Dmitri Mendeleev =) I ran PilotSync and did the Initial Sync. At first, I set the $PILOTRATE to 115200.

This succeeded and it grabbed the user info from the Palm.

I unpacked PalmLJ-1.2.0.prc

I su'ed to root and did
% ln -s /dev/sttyS0 /dev/pilot; chmod 777 /dev/sttyS0; export PILOTRATE=115200

On the Palm, I went System->Prefs->Direct Serial->Details and set the Speed to 115200.

Then, still as root, I cd'ed to where the .prc was and did
% pilot-xfer -i PalmLJ-1.2.0.prc

It asked me to press the HotSync button, so I did.

Then, as the Palm showed "Identifying User", my console would spit up either one of these errors:

    Error accepting data on /dev/pilot
    pi_accept: Connection timed out


    Wrong packet type on queue

I tried reducing the speed to 9600 in all three places and still got the same errors.

*sigh* I'm going to deal with some snail mail.


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Jun. 22nd, 2002 10:19 am (UTC)

I'd check for loose connections everywhere (my Palm V has to be in the cradle just so). Check for interrupt conflicts on serial IRQ. Also, try running setserial /dev/ttyS0 spd_hi
Jun. 22nd, 2002 10:40 am (UTC)
check for loose connections everywhere

I gave everything the cursory jiggle and push-in... but if anything was loose, how could I get the user info successfully?

Check for interrupt conflicts on serial IRQ.

Uh... idiot question: how do I do that?

try running setserial /dev/ttyS0 spd_hi

That just gave me the prompt back. I tried again and it still gave me the "Wrong packet type".
Jun. 22nd, 2002 10:54 am (UTC)
A cursory glance at /proc/interrupts might tell you if there's anything on IRQ3 or 4. Other than that, I'm not really sure. Has this serial port worked before?

Also, a google search has turned up some stuff. Make sure gpilotd or anything else that might be using the serial port isn't running.
Jun. 22nd, 2002 11:21 am (UTC)

I have a "4: ... XT-PIC serial". There's no 3.

Has this serial port worked before?

We've used the serial port before, but that was when Heretic was still a Win32 box. It's never been used with RedHat.

Make sure gpilotd or anything else that might be using the serial port isn't running.

% ps -aex | grep ttyS0
970 ttyS0 S 0:01 --activate-goad-server gpilotd ...

Hey, lookit that. =O =) How do I shut it down?
Jun. 22nd, 2002 11:34 am (UTC)
There's probably an option in the GNOME control center, but kill 970 should do in a pinch.
Jun. 22nd, 2002 11:46 am (UTC)
gpilotd --help didn't tell me anything useful (the only option that made sense didn't shut it down).

I did a kill -3, so it wasn't attached to ttyS0 anymore. I tried the pilot-xfer again, but I still get "wrong packet type".

=P Meh... what's the ETA on Handhelj again? =}
Jun. 22nd, 2002 11:55 am (UTC)
Hmm, strange. Try running fuser -v /dev/pilot to see if anything else has it open.

Handhelj is coming along. I'm working on mood support now, I'd like to get logins and user management done by the end of the weekend. Still needs userpic support (and gif, jpeg, png libraries), posting, entry saving, conduits...
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