The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Palm Problems

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I got Dmitri set up. The Palm is Russian and his name is Dmitri Mendeleev =) I ran PilotSync and did the Initial Sync. At first, I set the $PILOTRATE to 115200.

This succeeded and it grabbed the user info from the Palm.

I unpacked PalmLJ-1.2.0.prc

I su'ed to root and did
% ln -s /dev/sttyS0 /dev/pilot; chmod 777 /dev/sttyS0; export PILOTRATE=115200

On the Palm, I went System->Prefs->Direct Serial->Details and set the Speed to 115200.

Then, still as root, I cd'ed to where the .prc was and did
% pilot-xfer -i PalmLJ-1.2.0.prc

It asked me to press the HotSync button, so I did.

Then, as the Palm showed "Identifying User", my console would spit up either one of these errors:

    Error accepting data on /dev/pilot
    pi_accept: Connection timed out


    Wrong packet type on queue

I tried reducing the speed to 9600 in all three places and still got the same errors.

*sigh* I'm going to deal with some snail mail.


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