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Four Cheese Pasta

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The food at the Puzzle Party was potluck as usual. For those of you who may not know, I do not cook. I am as near Kitchen Impaired® as they come. I only recently managed to boil water without setting fire to the kitchen. Only the microwave likes me. The rest of the kitchen appliances glare at me with disdain.

But yesterday, as I chirped at my friends: I cooked. With a kitchen.

I made the Four Cheese Pasta yesterday from the Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese recipe that magicwoman posted some time ago. I didn't know the recipe made enough to feed the entire Army, Navy and Air Force. =P

I kinda had to wing it and adjust the ingredients. And even then, I had too much sauce left over. There I go again, halving some of the ingredients and forgetting to halve some of the others =P

Some things I changed from the original recipe:

  • I used rotini instead of macaroni - rotini is just more interesting to me.
  • I added ground pork to it - what can I say? I like meat.
  • I used a marbled cheddar instead of just white cheddar - I thought of using just the regular cheddar for some added colour.

It turned out well enough. I got compliments and it got eaten. =) And B (the hostess) even called me this morning with more compliments =D I asked if she'd talked to anyone else from last night and if they lived. Everyone is still alive and accounted for. *whew*

B made chicken and beef souvalaki as well as a Caesar salad, a Greek salad with Italian olives (which is apparently a gigantic faux pas that totally went over my head) and a garden salad with every single vegetable in the known Universe. There was also falafel and a Dellisio pizza. Buddy-Girl-K bought assorted fruit to make smoothies. We had excellent smoothies.

Good food, great company. I had fun. =)

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