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Arts Club Theatre

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Work gave me tickets to the Arts Club Theatre. Thank you, Work! =) We can either go to The Stanley Theatre or the Granville Island Stage.

There's a $5.00 upgrade to see My Fair Lady, but I don't like this story. I'm utterly fascinated by Professor Henry Higgins' ability to hear where people are from, down to the neighbourhood. Linguistically, that is hard to do. And I'm fascinated by the process of training a peasant girl to behave like royalty. The musical score is good and the costuming should be great.

But, the original novel ending has Eliza back on the street selling flowers and being miserable because she doesn't fit in with "her kind" anymore, but she isn't nobility, so she couldn't stay in the upper class life she was trained to live. Then, Hollywood changes the ending so there's a romance between Eliza and the Professor.

I don't like either ending. I don't like the Hollywood ending for not staying true to the original text. And the original ending just makes me hate the whole story.

There are other shows that we could go to. There's Mom's the Word and The Rocky Horror Show. Neither of which sound particularly appealing...

I was thinking of seeing The Mousetrap. It's an Agatha Christie murder mystery. It was directed by Nicola Cavendish who is a fellow UBC Alumni.

Must. Support. Fellow. Alumni.


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