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Psychotic Cockatiel

weather: sunny
mood: amused

I haven't written about our cockatiel, Guai-Guai, in a long time.

He's a pretty psychotic, willful little troll. We started getting his wings clipped every few months so he couldn't fly as far. He still has 2 feathers on each side, which is what my MIL wanted. I told her that they only need 1 feather on each side to fly and she wouldn't believe me. Then she's all surprised that he can still fly. Like, yeah, that's what I said.

So, now he has a difficult time flying, but still flies around when he wants to. He's built up some serious muscles in his wings this way. He knows he can still do it, so he does. It just gets easier and easier every time. The pet store staff told us that later on this year, they'll start only clipping one side of his wings. This way, when he tries to take off, he'll immediately twist in one direction. Maybe then, he'll learn not to try taking off.

Cockatiels usually like sunflower seeds. Our little troll hates them. He'll eat all the small seeds in his food tray, but leaves the sunflower behind. The last time we took him to the pet store to get his wings and nails clipped, he looked a lot skinnier than the other cockatiels which makes sense because sunflower seeds are really oily.

Unlike other normal cockatiels, Guai-Guai doesn't like people touching him. He'll stand on your finger or arm or your shoulder, but he won't let you pet him or touch him.

When he was being clipped, he bites, struggles and screams like he's being tarred and feathered alive. Last time was no different. The most hilarious thing was watching the other animals in their cages. They're doing their own thing, napping, chewing, playing and whatever. All of a sudden they leap up, turn their heads and peer over to see where the Death Squawking is coming from.

Every single animal: puppies, kittens, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc. were frozen and staring at the back room where the little psychotic troll is screaming. =D Husband Guy, MIL woman and I just about died laughing.



Jun. 30th, 2002 08:57 am (UTC)
Funny stuff! Pets are such cheap amusement. Want a cat? My son's cat is in heat and driving us all nuts. He is the ONLY one in the house that does not hear her screaming ALL night long!
Jun. 30th, 2002 11:30 am (UTC)
*sigh* MIL Woman is talking about getting another cockatiel (a female) and I'm just reeling thinking about what a pain two little psychotic trolls will be =P =} =}


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