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Braggin' about the Husband Guy again...

So, his new GBA title is now a Gold Master Candidate. And this afternoon, it's at Zarro Boogs. =D

I've been asked to explain this ... way back when, when Netscape released version 4.0 of its browser, we had a release party. Naturally, there had been a big push to try and fix every known bug before the release. Naturally, that hadn't actually happened. (This is not unique to Netscape or to 4.0; the same thing has happened with every software project I've ever seen.) Anyway, at the release party, T-shirts were handed out that said something like "Netscape 4.0: Zarro Boogs". Just like the software, the T-shirt had no known bugs. Uh-huh.

So, when you query for a list of bugs, and it gets no results, you can think of this as a friendly reminder. Of *course* there are bugs matching your query, they just aren't in the bugsystem yet...

          — Terry Weissman

And that has to be said in the same intonation as "all-WEEEZ froooosh".

This game now has to go through Nintendo Approval® which means it won't hit the shelves for another month and a half, possibly longer. I should be able to tell you all what the game is by mid-Fall =P

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