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Indian/Pakistani Wedding

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A good friend of mine, F, just told me that she and her long time boyfriend, J, have been talking very seriously about marriage. =D =D =D I'm so happy for her!

Well, she's in Austin, Texas, so I won't be able to help her a lot... only long distance things, not local details.

Last year, F & J had a free flight voucher and decided to come up to Vancouver. They were originally going to come up on the weekend of our wedding. I was going to invite them to the wedding and have her do a short speech.

I had it all planned out. Our MC would intro her: "And now, F, a long time good friend of the bride would like to say a few words." And her speech would begin, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have never met the bride." *giggle* =D =D Because it's true. We're mailing list buddies. We've talked to each A LOT since 1994 and we're fairly close, but I had never seen her in person.

*sigh* But it didn't work out anyway, because J had something planned for the weekend of the July 7th last year and they came up the weekend after our wedding instead. =P

Anyway, F is partially Pakistani, partially Indian (her father's side) and partially European (her mother's side). J looks like he has Scandinavian/Norweigan ancestry - at least, he looked very Northern European to me.

I was flipping through wedding gowns (I still look at wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses) and I came across this one. It's a Western style gown, but it has a ruby accented neckline and shoulder strap with lovely embroidery on it. The richrich ruby colour made me immediately think of her when I saw it.

She's still in the very initial stages of planning, I don't think they're even engaged yet. And she was telling me that she wanted to wear a sari - her Mom's sari if at all possible. I wonder if she's going to do the three-day Mehndi/Nikah/Shadi ceremonies and the Valima banquet... she may just do a Westernized one-day version.


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