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Favorite Stationery Survey

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This was inspired by one of the questions from the other Friday Quiz that's going around. I decided I liked that question best because I'm a Stationery Nut®, so I went with that. I rarely use these things anymore because I do almost everything on my computer, but I still like having pens and things.

Of the following stationery items, what are you using right now? Or what is your favorite kind?

1. Writing pen.

A Papermate Write Bros. fine point. Except my blue pen has a blue barrel. My red one is all red. Which reminds me, I should go stock up on these pens soon.

My pens don't tend to "walk away" because I'm the only creature within a 500km radius that uses thinthinthin barreled pens and fine point. Everyone else claims my pens cause tendonitis. Haha. =)

And, of course, I have multiple [obligatory] Parker and Schaeffer pen/pencil sets that come in velvet lined boxes, that are just way too nice to use.

2. Pencil (wooden/core grade? mechanical/lead size?)

A pink Zebra Jimnie mechanical w/ 0.5 HB lead. I used to only use 2H lead because it wouldn't smudge as much, but since I rarely use writing sticks anymore, this isn't a problem. I have tons of other neglected mechanical pencils of all different shapes and colours.

3. Eraser

Sanford/Berol SPEEDERASE stick with a Staedtler eraser core. Staedtler makes the best erasers. No question. I swear, it sucks up your graphite markings so it doesn't shred your paper. There's really nothing else like it. And Staedtler eraser crumbs glom together, so if you erase in that certain way, you can have one string of used eraser that you can just pick up and throw away. I used to get in trouble for not cleaning up my eraser crumbs, so this was a huge issue for me.

4. Ruler

I have a 12cm clear plastic ruler and a ~20" clear plastic ruler that has both cm and inches. I have to use clear plastic rulers, I go bananas with solid coloured rulers. When I'm drawing lines, I have to be able to eyeball my distances and orthogonality.

5. Hard Copy Correction

Pentel Fine Point Pocket Correction Pen. I've had this liquid paper pen for eons now. I just never have to write final copies anymore.

6. Highlighter

Roundedge highlighters in pink, green, yellow, blue from Grand & Toy. I have to have different coloured highlighters. I use them for writing and decorating a lot. =)

7. Self-adhesive paper

3M Neon Ruled and 3M Neon Notes.

8. Miscellaneous

I use an MDSI (former workplace) logo mug for a pen holder. I have an Eldon Office Supplies plastic pen castle that I don't really use - the logo mug works better.

I have a black Swingline 747 Classic Plus personal stapler that was standard issue at work, but I've barely touched it since I got it.

I have all the tacks, paperclips, writing pads and stuff that I could possible want if I needed them. I always bend my paperclips into little heart shapes before I use them =)

I also have a heaps and gobs of various Sanrio character stationery as well. I used those too, but A) they're expensive, B) they "walk away" and C) they're too cute to use.

I have buttloads more of stuff at home.

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