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My co-worker, S, asked me this morning if we could birdsit for her cockatiel. When she described it, her bird is a Guai-Guai exactly =) Her best friend found Kaesha on the street five years ago and took it in. I guess it flew away from someone... Hmmm, Grandma's previous cockatiel flew away 10 years ago... cockatiels live 18-20 years... HMMM...

Anyway, I think S's best friend moved somewhere where animals are not allowed, so she gave the bird to S's daughter.

S also has a cat that is 1) really smart (like "has-figured-out-how-to-open-doors" smart)*; 2) great with humans (allows the children to drag him around by the tail), but is totally Alpha with other animals to the point of beating to death any new pets they get; and 3) really good at catching birds. She always finds dead/half-dead birds on her bed, in the laundry, etc.

The problem is S's entire family is going away on vacation for 10/11 days in August. They planned this vacation before they got the bird. Their cat has his own sitter, but she's afraid that Kaesha will be à la King'ed while they're gone.

I called my MIL and she said it would be okay for us to birdsit for the 10 days. MIL Woman wants to get another cockatiel as a companion for Guai-Guai. I figured, this way we can see how Guai-Guai reacts to another bird before we get another one. If they don't get along, they can be kept separate, Kaesha has his/her own cage.

S doesn't know much about birds, so she doesn't know how to tell if it's a boy or girl. S's daughter keeps Kaesha in her room.

It sounds like Kaesha is still very uncertain of his/her new surroundings in S's house. When she described his behaviour, it was verbatim what our Little Troll did when we first got him - spreading his wings and puffing. She also told me about Kaesha being very vocal when her best friend still had it - every time her best friend would talk to S on the phone, S would hear the bird chirping away too... JUST like our Little Troll. =D

This should be interesting. I hope Guai-Guai doesn't beat up Kaesha...

* Buddy-Girl-K wrote to me re: Cats & Doors

I was just reading your LJ and had a comment to make. Cats CAN open doors and they DON'T have to be handles like the one you linked to. [Me: the link is in my comments] We had a cat years ago who could open round knobs. The one I remember her opening was in our bathroom, which had a counter that went right up to the door. She would sit on the edge of the counter and roll the knob towards her, paw over paw, until the door swung free.

This is not an urban legend, folks, I saw it with my own eyes. Cats are way clever. Kinda like seeing one using a toilet, AND flushing! :D



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Jul. 18th, 2002 04:43 pm (UTC)
Well, I hope Guai-Guai gets along well with Kaesha. Your 'little troll' sounds like quite an interesting pet.
Jul. 18th, 2002 08:57 pm (UTC)
1) really smart (like "has-figured-out-how-to-open-doors" smart)
serious? Cats can open doors? without opposable thumbs?
Jul. 18th, 2002 09:13 pm (UTC)
If the doorknobs throughout their house are like the brass one in the middle of this page, then they wouldn't need opposable thumbs.

Or if one doorframe is quirky enough that the door doesn't latch properly, then they could eventually learn that ramming the door hard enough will push it open.
Jul. 18th, 2002 09:34 pm (UTC)
animals are quite amusing, huh?! :P i'm sure you'll have a mighty interesting time birdsitting.

i have a pair of birds. little zebra finches. but we have to keep them in a back room all the time so our cat wont eat them... crazy kittie... but cats are fun.
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