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Slightly Better

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I'm feeling somewhat better than yesterday. Thanks for all the encouragement and kind comments =)

Well, we got home before dark last night, so we went straight to washing my car before dinner. It was nasty. And it still has residue on it, but it's presentable.

This morning at the Honda shop went okay. Husband Guy did as well as I've seen him at being an upset but reasonable customer. They won't give us our money back on the work they did. They took the car in to give it another look and make recommendations on what else can be fixed. I really don't know what that will do.

The car has a Conditional Pass, which means that we can get insurance, but it has to go back in for AirCare testing next year. It also needs a major service tune-up. Because of the low mileage on the car, it was never presented to us as critical to get any of the major mileage services done. So, some of the parts could be well worn by now, but haven't been changed because of that. Or that's Honda's excuse anyway ("we don't have the service history, so it could be any of a number of things...").

We'll probably also start using a higher octane gas. Husband Guy insists that he only needs 87. I've always used 94 in my car. I told him to use either 89 or 92 and once in a while get 94. I'm not sure that it makes that big a difference in a new-ish car.

The question now is, would I feel too stupid bringing this car to the Honda shop to do the major inspection/tune-up, so they can't blame not knowing the service history? I do feel like they dicked us around and just made lame excuses. Do I really want to give them the benefit of further business? And what's the say they won't make up some other lame excuse like "oh, Acuras are totally different and it's not our expertise..."?

*sigh* I dunno.

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