The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Baseball Game

weather: hot
outside: 20°C
mood: okay

I went to the Allstars Baseball Benefit between the Vancouver Police Department Baseball team and an Allstar team. They played at Nat Bailey Stadium earlier this evening. I don't remember what local charity this benefit was for though. Zachary Ty Bryan was on the Allstar Team. He played shortstop, but never went up to bat.

I was with a bunch of friends that I used to volunteer with. They got extra tickets and invited me along. Husband Guy would have gone if it didn't land on his Badminton night. =P Ah well...

I was late myself, but I was still the first person through the gate. I saw Karin while I was in line to get in and she told me to try to get seats as close to Home Plate as possible because that would be the safest place to be. So, armed with just one jacket, I hogged up the majority of a bench.

I sat there by myself, feeling dorky for a while. Then I saw Sue, Russ and Sue's co-worker, Cathy. I stood up and waved furiously at them. It took a while to get them to see me in the crowd, but Russ finally saw me. Russ pointed me out to Sue and said, "Look, there she is! She's the one standing up!". At that exact moment, the announcer asked everyone to stand up for the national anthem. =P =) D'oh... =D

It was more of entertainment than a real baseball game, in fact, they were using a softball and pitching underhand. Baseball isn't big here. It was my first time to a baseball game. Everyone had a big laugh when I made wild "remote control" hand gestures at the diamond and said, "I wanna change the channel now".

Sue and Russ are from the UK, so we were confusing each other with British versus North American baseball terminology with a lot of Cricket stuff mixed in. So, the whole game, we were talking about the bowler bowling the ball at the hitter who would try to hit the ball with the stick - you play Cricket with a bat; you play baseball with a stick. Then if the hitter hit the ball, he would run around to all the wickets. As if that didn't get silly enough, we decided that if the bowler knocks down all the people at the wickets, that was called a strike =D

I ended up not getting any food at the stadium even though ice cream would have been really nice. Each food vendor had a half hour long lineup. =P

Seeing the insanity on the way into the game, with cars and people all over the place, I didn't want to fight the crowd leaving. I took off at the top of the 7th, at 2100h. I don't live that far away. By the time I left, it was a very nice cool evening that took me around the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth Park with a pink horizon.


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