November 22nd, 2000


Hoo boy...

We went to see Reverend Tom Miles today. He's a very nice man. We had a nice chat, he was shocked that W and I had been together for nine years. =) Most people are.

Rev. Miles was mostly okay with my script, but he would like to mention God in it because, being a religious person, he feels it necessary to pay tribute to The Creator. I understand and accept this.

The Church is beautiful.

We'll have to get together with Roy Campbell, the church Music Director, about our own music. I am using different music, so I do have to run it by him. And I don't anticipate a huge fire-fight. I'm fairly confident that my music is acceptable.

I have to put down the deposit tomorrow with Nina, the church secretary. She'll give me the number of the Logistics Lady (can't remember her name right now...) and we'll take it from there.

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    Gary Barlow - I Miss You This Much

Silk Flowers

I went to Silk Designs and Crafts Canada with Bernice today to look at floral and decor stuff. I'm happy putting the flowers in Bernice's hands.


Bridesmaid Dresses

I also went to Bello Wedding World with Mabel to check out dresses. Their 2001 stock will come in January. In the meantime, we looked through a catalog at styles.