February 10th, 2001


Photographers II

We met with Johnny at 1:00pm. Great price, almost exactly what we want and he had recommendations for other Chinese style wedding services.

We also met David Smith at 3:00pm at Piece of Cake Dessert Emporium over on the North Shore. Dave is a very talented photographer. Lots of credits and kudos behind him. Very personable and obviously has a lot of experience in doing wedding photography as well as other types of artistic photography.

At this point, I've pretty much decided to ask Johnny. He has a better price and his photography is more my style.

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Mad Organizing Frenzy

I felt like organizing. In a big way. I started filing my wedding stuff in more detail. I made a whole new Wedding Section in my filing cabinet drawer and separated all the stuff by category, sub-separated into 1) the informational material and 2) the merchant that we actually decided to purchase from.

This is making my already-packed drawer even more packed. W and I share this two-drawer filing cabinet. My drawer is busting at the seams. I have to hold on to it when it's open, otherwise the cabinet tips over from the weight of my open drawer. =P It's not that I keep junk in it either. Everything is important - old Income Tax Returns; old credit card statements; bank statements; medical records; etc.

I started to put my stuff together to give Uncle Matthew, the Family Accountant. This is yet another piece of evidence that I'm getting married: the Family Accountant will be doing my Income Tax Return from now on. I'm paying for my own piece of it, but still... =)

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