February 11th, 2001



Things are getting done. One by one, the wedding day services are getting booked. Things are being bought. And each time something is booked or paid for or picked up, it just adds that much more reality to the idea that I'm getting married. =)

I expect it to be similar, in many ways, to the Career Fairs and conferences I've organized. All of my Career Fairs turned out to be a smashing success.

I won't really know how it will differ until I do my afterthoughts.

Differences... Well, whereas the conferences were organized for others, the attention will be focussed on W, me and the families that day. My heart is already bleeding at how much of my own money I'm spending. I can't just submit a conference budget and statement, then expect to be reimbursed for the expenses. It will be interesting to see how I react to logistics glitches.

I'm doing things my own way and not really the way most wedding advice literature says I'm supposed to. I'm Chinese, that already blows about 90% of the advice out of the water.

This is why I couldn't hire a Wedding Co-ordinator. Because I'd spend most of my time explaining what I need and why I can't do anything she suggests. I'd come close to throttling her every time she mentions the word "reception" because it's NOT a "reception", IT'S A BANQUET. There's a subtle, but important difference. I'm already trying not to smack people when they're not getting the hint when I say "banquet" and continue to say "reception".

I'd also start gnashing my teeth at having to explain, over and over again, why blue - ANY SHADE OF BLUE, YES, EVEN BABY BLUE - is not acceptable because blue and white are funeral colours in Chinese culture.

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Yeah, I know I promised myself I wouldn't write negative stuff about my wedding. I'm not supposed to attract negative energies. I wasn't going to bitch about money or whine about how the world doesn't revolve around me.

But, whatever. I'll wave the incense sticks around, burn little yellow pieces of paper and chant to ward off the demons of the negative energies tomorrow.

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To Do:

  • look for gold ink for the Chinese calligraphy pen. The corsage/boutonniere ribbon needs the words written on it...
  • limos - pricing
  • makeup and hair
  • call Bailey, the videographer
  • call Ivy and Raymond for silk flower corsage/boutonniere, possibly decoration arrangements (pew bows, bigger flower arrangements)
  • fax the form to Johnny; call David Smith and tell him we've chosen a photographer
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