February 21st, 2001


Wedding Errand Day

I took today off to go get some stuff bought and out of the way.

*sigh* It's not quite that easy. The crappy part is: I have enough time to be super picky about everything, so I am being super picky. If I look at something and I'm not 300% happy with it, I'll want to keep looking.

The Day is still a fair amount of time away. I know from experience that I should start getting things out of the way now so that it's not a huge Attack of the Killer Panic Monsters in late-June and early-July. But I'm also afraid that, with so much lead time, I'll see the same piece of merchandise, but better style, better quality, better price somewhere else or I'll just change my mind, but be stuck with what I've already paid for.

Well, I'm heading off to Round 2 of the Wedding Run. I'll write more when I get back.

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Continued from 2:30pm...

So, I ended up not buying much. I was going to order the table centre pieces from Bazaare Novelty, but they didn't have 4" Mylar balloons in a Wedding-ish design. They had a really cute red heart with two adorable white doves/lovebirds in their catalog, but the words on the balloons say "I Love You" and if they order those out of the catalog for me, they have to order 100. I only want 30. AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so forget that.

We went over to Wedding World. I was going to order favour tags from them and they can print Chinese too... yeee!!!! =D But I was thinking on the way if I really want the candy things... I was orginally dead set on candy, but I'm starting to think that fridge magnets might be a better idea. So, if I can find a neat trinketty thing to put on the favour tags, I think I might do that instead. So, that meant that I didn't order the favour tags yet because it means that I have to think about how the letters are going to fit on the tag so that the trinketty thing won't cover it.

I was going to get a cake knife/serving set and champagne flutes for the toast. I noticed that they had matching bows on the serving sets and champagne flutes. They had a variety of bows and handles and flutes. They just didn't have the handle I wanted with the bows I wanted AND matching flutes. I have time, so I'm not settling for 2 out of 3 right now =P This means I didn't buy any of these things either.

I was going to order the pew bows, but then I remembered that I hadn't talked to a friend who had pew bows left over from another wedding that I could maybe borrow for free. =P Didn't get pew bows either.

I didn't get the Unity Candle either. I wasn't especially impressed with the candle stands at Wedding World.

The pompom limo flowers will have to wait until I find out if we're getting a limo and how big it is.

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Well, today wasn't a complete loss. We went over to that store at Lansdowne Mall and had a field day picking out flowers for the corsages/boutonnieres. Tradition is pink for the Bride's family and red for the Groom's family.

In Taiwan, they have the different colours so that they can tell who's who. Sometimes, the extended family may not be that well acquainted with the other family. So, to prevent embarrassment, we mark everyone with the flowers. There are two main events in a Taiwanese Wedding (one is the Banquet, but I can't remember what the other one was), each family hosts one, so they need to know who's hosting when.

We're going with this pink/red thing just because I don't have an opinion and Will's Mom does =) We got roses just because it's the biggest variety and selection at craft flower stores. Some large full bloom roses, medium buds, small buds, small danglies and Baby's Breath.

It's difficult finding flowers that

  • were in stock and there were enough of them for different arrangements for the different members of the families
  • were matching shades of pink with the different sizes
  • had a matching style/type in red
  • had no water droplets (how retarded would it look if only ONE flower has droplets and the rest are bone dry?)
  • looked good together
In the end, we took the full bloom roses with water droplets because they didn't have the same kind, in the same colour without droplets. Some of the flower bunches we saw with droplets must've been made out of glue that's been sitting around too long or something because they looked yellow. Sorry, I just don't fancy mud, acid rain or dog piss on my flowers.

I still need to go over to Craft Canada to find some red roses with gold trim. I'd like to use the gold trim red roses for the Grandparents.

Anyway, I'm headed over to Bernice's to drop off the flowers and the florist tape.
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