February 26th, 2001


Guest List - Bride Family Side

I have to go over to give a bunch of invitations to Dad for our family's side of the Guests. I want a copy of all the names for my own files anyway. I want to print all the envelopes in English and Chinese.

I'm going around confirming all the names for my invitations. =)


Lady Fern

It's not that I don't like living organisms. I just don't like the allergic reactions to a lot of plants... or the smell of some big dumb animals, including men... okay, okay, so I don't like a lot of living organisms.

One of the few plants that I do like looking at and can stand to be around are specific types of ferns.

I tried to look up Ferns on the web so that I could intelligently describe what I want to craft store staff. There are lots of different kinds of fern and I needed to be able to convey that I don't want the big huge fern. I want small ones for corsages and boutonnieres. I became more and more convinced that those were not fern, but I did find them at Two Rainy Side Gardeners website.

They're commonly called Northwest Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina)</a>. Of course, they're gardeners and botanists, so they make no mention of taking the plants into captivity and hacking them up for floral arrangements.