March 6th, 2001



So, Bernice is in the home stretch of finishing off the bouquets and starting on the corsages/boutonnieres. From the looks of it, we won't have enough of the right kind of leaves. The ones that looked best were the dark green leaves with a brown border on them. They came with some of the flowers, but there just aren't enough. We went back to the mall to look for them and even the same flowers in slightly different styles had completely different greenery on them. That was a bust. =P

But then, I found FERN. They were meant to be complete fern plants, so there were about 24 sprigs on each plant and they were all different sizes too. I got 3 small ones and 1 medium one so that Bernice would have lots to work with.

I still need to get more pearl sprays.

I saw a rose brooch pin with a stopper. That's the kind of pin I want, but I need them way bigger. We need to hit Dressew some time. They would have oodles of ribbon and notions like that.

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Other Stuff To Do

This weekend, we'll have to go see Uncle Jimmy to talk about framing that big picture of ours for the Banquet. Gawd, I don't remember where I/we put it... it's been so long. =P

I have to find the name of that Linda Wong duet with MingJun Kao to put on the song list for Bailey. We need to get our photos together for the montage... which shouldn't be difficult. Then we can call Bailey and get the rest of that stuff underway.

I still haven't had time to call the hair/makeup places. Grandma wants me to go with HongNiang because Elaine went with them. They're in Richmond, they're too far.

I still haven't had time to call Uncle Frank about going to see the limos. *sigh*

I should go back to Chinatown and try to find another guest cloth. I want pink because the black ink doesn't show up well on red.

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Miscellaneous Errands

I took a 5 hour lunch today to get some stuff done =) I figured that since I average about 8 hours overtime each week (at least); I don't take lunch; the product is in QA with only minor fixes (in the components that I did anyway) from time to time; and QA has my cell number, I could bugger off for half a day here and there.

I went over to Dressew, fighting road construction, a filming crew and lack of parking on the way. I saw ribbon. Oodles of ribbon. A lot cheaper than the metallic trim organza ribbon on the bouquets. =) *sigh* I am just destined to like things that cost too much =)

I found white, pink and red ribbon in two different widths, so I got a meter of each so that Bernice can play with it and get a better idea of which we should use, how much of it we need and what colour.

I asked about the pins with the stoppers and they didn't have any at Dressew. They only had the corsage pins. The lady told me that if it's pinned on properly, it won't jab you. *sigh* It's a matter of tutoring 40+ Uncles, Aunts, and other family members to pin it properly.

I also got my poofy ring pillow. I got more pearl sprays. I got a limo deco thing. I ordered custom bows for the cake serving set and champagne flutes. I bought the cake serving set with the crystal-esque handles so that Askel can put the bows on them for me. I didn't get the champagne flutes yet. I might just get two from the Bay that have the frosty design and get Askel to put the bows on those for me.

I'm buying decoration things in dribs and drabs. Askel might get more stuff after the March Wedding Show. I'll need about 150-200 pom-pom flowers for the limo. I'm strapping a Hello Kitty Bride and Dear Daniel Groom stuffies in front for the hood ornament; the big heart/pom-pom deco thing on the back with streamers coming out of it; and pom-pom flowers all over the limo body.

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I still have to go back to Bernice's tonight and give her the clear nail polish, the fern and the rose pin with the stopper.

There was a problem with the individual leaves for the corsages. Most of the leaves have a brown outline on them, but she's quickly running out of those. She has a whole pile of leaves with no brown outline. So she took an orange highlighter and traced around the edge of the army green leaves and voilà! Brown outlines!! =D

I love Bernice. =)