March 10th, 2001


BC Wedding Show

We went to the Wedding Show at the Plaza of Nations. It was pretty disappointing. There's no way there were "over 150" exhibitors - 40 at the very most. Clothing is already settled for me, so I wasn't interested in any of the clothing exhibits or the fashion shows.



Most of the Chinese ones are done. I spent some time folding and stuffing the invitations. Each consists of one invite card, one RSVP card, one Bridal Cookie gift certificate and a map. If it's going overseas, that whole thing will be stuffed into envelopes that my Dad hand-made especially for the purpose of the invitation's overseas trip.

I should maybe explain that my Dad is an Engineer. Just like me, he's very very particular about How Things Ought To Be[tm]. And just like me, he feels the primal urge to rearrange Inferior Configurations Of Things[tm].

My Mother (the Artsie) thinks we're two geeks in a pod.

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Met my Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Michelle and Alexander are GREAT kids! They're SSSOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!! =) Diana brought them over tonight. Michelle is 4 and Alexander is 7 y.o. Diana had Michelle sing some songs... and gads, that girl's Mandarin is so clear and crisp. She goes to Beijing every year to see her Grandma, I guess I'm not surprised that she speaks so well.