March 29th, 2001


Music & Church

We went to see Roy, the Music Director, today.

He approves of "Congratulations!". Yay!!

He seemed to think that 1:30 was enough for me to walk down the aisle.

We also talked about the 4 different sections - Guest Arrival, Processional, Signing, Recessional. I really REALLY REALLY like that organ. It sounds SO good.

I told him that I didn't know the Music Director comes along with the church =) So, I had a lot of my music picked out already. I'd like Roy to play, I really want to fit the organ in somewhere. He did understand that I didn't like Wagner.

The other problem is that A/V room. Roy wasn't sure how to work it, so we'll have to look for a Line-In the next time we meet with Gwen to see the A/V room. We'd also want to play the music over the Santuary speakers to see what it'll sound like. There's no window in the A/V room, so we'll have to use short-range walkie-talkies or something to cue the music.

I don't think I can do anything about the blue carpet. It's a pretty huge piece with odd coverage. =P


We went to see Bailey again. Talked about a few things:

  • I have to ask about getting a projector for that evening
  • 10 of W's pictures
  • 10 of S's pictures
  • 10 of us together
  • call Bailey and let them know when the rehearsal is
  • burn a CD of the songs on the song list
  • get Bowen's Chinese name for the credits
  • find the 16mm footage for Bailey to convert
  • Bailey will ask Andy about giving us a QuickTime format of our video and footage
  • Bailey will ask about speakers
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