April 16th, 2001


Mandie Lin

That's my new L-ICQ nick for my ICQ account on my Linux box, Heretic. Because it's the MANDrakE distribution of LINux, that's why. I'm so dorky sometimes I just scare myself. I spent most of the weekend futzing with Heretic. I still have to figure out how to use the DrakConf Package Manager. I just want it to point to a directory on the box and have it grab everything it needs from there. It does dependencies really well, as long as they're there.

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Clean Desk

Okay, so this is Non-Wedding Post #2 =)

I cleaned off my work bench at home so that I could put another monitor on it for Heretic. I ended up just getting a switch box and a set of cables because the monitor I want is close to $1K. I'll save up for a new monitor after the wedding. I hope I can keep my desk clean until then =)

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Handing Out Invites

W and his Mom went to deliver a few invitations last night. Mostly to people who won't be in town for a while and the ones who have to try to work it into their flying schedule to be here in July.

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