April 24th, 2001


Tweaking Music

I put a bunch of music that we wanted onto one CD. Then we listen to it and it's all fuzzy and statickie... =P 3 wasted CD's and 4 store-bought originals later (that didn't help), I clue in that it might not be a quality degredation problem, it might be a VOLUME problem. So, I was normalizing all the tracks last night. But I didn't get to burn them to see if it helped because Will was hogging the burner =} I nearly made him another coaster by copying my stuff onto the machine he was burning from =\

Tweaking music is fun though. =) I don't do a whole lot of mixing or compiling or a lot of DJ-type mixing, just simple stuff. About the most complicated editing I've done was to cut off the end of the first section on Congratulations and faded it out at the end.

And if I never get to say this, here it is: apologies to Mark and Mabel for having to put up with me blaring the same frickin' tunes over and over ad nauseum when I'm editing. I try to remember to use my headphones, but sometimes, when no one's around, I like to use the speakers. Then when they come into the room, I'm on a roll and I forget. =P

At least they haven't start sucking their thumbs, rocking back and forth or whacking their heads against the wall with a wild stoned look on their faces =}

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I called some places for photography on the day of the wedding.

I penciled us in for 4:30-6:00pm, July 07 at this place I really wanted to go to. But we may end up not taking it... it's $75.00 (which is a good price for the venue) and a maximum of 15 people (pretty reasonable too). I asked about doing it earlier, but they said that the problem is early afternoons on Saturdays is their peak hour and they have a banquet booked in there at 6:00pm.

The 15 people limit means we can only have the 6 of us with Andy (videographer), Chris (vid. assistant), Johnny (photographer) and Anna (Johnny's wife & assistant). That makes 10. If we can only have 5 more, that means one or two key family members can't come.

If the Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer come with us, then at least their Mother, Diana, has to come... that makes 13, which makes more sense, but I'd feel horrible if they get to come along when my family doesn't.

If we go with this one, there would be a good chance that we'll be late for the banquet too, which I don't want.

I was thinking that maybe we could use this for part of the wedding video thing, but then, UBC is free. Why mess with "free"?

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