April 28th, 2001


10 Points For Me

I was talking to Kat today about Wedding Horror stories. I was saying how I think a lot of Western Etiquette is so over the top. After I gave an example of what I was talking about, Kat's comment was, "yeah, who comes UP with these things?!?!".

My reply was, "the same people who were born with sticks pre-shoved up their asses".

*sizzle* 10 points for me =) =) =)

I'm sure someone will be offended that Will and I don't do our Thank-You notes "properly".

I'm sure SOMEONE will be offended that I didn't chop down the damned tree, beat the wood to a pulp to make my own paper, picked my own chokecherries from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, boiled them down to make my own ink and write with a quill pen that I made by hand after the quill fell off the pheasant that I raised from a chick.


Handmade Journal

I'm so mad: the journal I was taught to make, looks 5000% like the scrap book I bought at Grand&Toy. It's made out of the same "handmade" paper (the lumpy beige paper with flower petals and bits of grass/straw embedded into it). The paper inside was the same kind of "handmade" paper except it was dark purple. I hate dark purple.

I like the concept, but I don't like the materials I was given to work with. It looks neat, but it's very rough and unrefined.

So, I got thinking about what I want on the cover. I want my Dad to pen a quote from a poem or some well-wishing words along with our names, in his Chinese brush calligraphy, on white papyrus paper. My father has the best brush penmanship there ever existed. Not that I'm biased or anything =) I was kinda miffed that he wouldn't be able to pen the title for my Guest Autograph Cloth, but I understood and accepted that it would be disrespectful if Will's Grandmother didn't get to do it. So, the next best thing is for Dad to do this. =)

I'd been looking for some inner writing paper at Opus (art supply place in Granville Island). They had some interesting things there, but they have big huge 24x36" sheets. They won't cut it for you, they don't provide a big paper cutter, so I'd have to bring it home and xacto/ruler it. Paper-Ya had the same stuff as Opus, but pre-cut and packaged. I would have felt really weiner paying 50x the price for the same thing, but pre-cut and packaged. I tried to see if they had anything that DIDN'T come from Opus, but I didn't see anything special, so I just left.

The only one I was remotely interested in was a white paper with little gold and silver flecks in it with small white fibre wisps through it. The white wisps remind me of Dragon's Beard, a [Southern] Chinese snack thing. It's made out of maltose[*] syrup and looks like delicate white gossamer threads. When I was little, one of my favorite treats was maltose syrup twirled on a teaspoon that I would slurp on like a lollipop. Kinda like the Nutella spoon, but way healthier. =)

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What is "Maltose"?

[*] Maltose is the disaccharide obtained by enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis of starch. It consists of two D-glucopyranoses joined by a 1,4'-beta-glycoside bond. It's a reducing sugar because the anomeric carbons on the right-hand sugar are part of a hemiacetal.

Maltose is structurally very similar to cellobiose, but wildly different biologically. Cellobiose cannot be digested by humans and cannot be fermented by yeast. Maltose, however, is digested without difficulty and is fermented readily.

Because it is easily used by the body, it is sometimes used, together with dextrin, a polysaccharide, in infant formulas.

There will be a quiz after the wedding.

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Here's another one for the Etiquette Nazis

The two champagne flutes that I bought for our toast don't ring the same note when you tap them - one's an F-sharp and the other is a G, they're both in one of the mid-upper octaves. There HAS to be a dumb etiquette rule about the pitches and which octaves they have to be in. I can just FEEL it.

Oh well, I really don't know how you'd go about tuning champagne flutes... *sigh* at least they're in the same octave and at least they actually go *ding*-*ding* as opposed to *ding*-*thwunk* or *thwunk*-*thwunk*. =}

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I'm so glad Mabel mentioned that she and Cynthia talked about throwing me a surprise bridal shower. I really appreciate them thinking of me, but I don't like surprise parties where I'm the victim. A while ago, when suprise b-day parties were in fashion, I asked people to please skip my birthday altogether. So, I doubly don't want a surprise bridal shower.

I'm just weird that way; I hate surprises; even "nice" surprises.