May 20th, 2001


Here I go with the non-Wedding entries...

I've been trying very hard to only use this journal for my wedding stuff, but I've been waffling sometimes about putting my other life things in here. For lack of a better place to put this:

I've been designing and writing my own Journal app. in PHP/MySQL. As kick-ass as LiveJournal is, I had three motivations for writing my own:

  • LJ doesn't do everything the way I want it to. This is not LJ's fault. It was designed by someone else, for someone else. Of course it's not going to suit me entirely =)

  • I've been keeping a journal of what I'm doing at work. Now, we don't have an official NDA, but I wouldn't keep work notes on someone else's server.

  • There are some other private things that I would not keep on someone else's server, even as Private entries (financial stuff like bank account & credit card info, skeletons, that kinda thing).
In terms of conceptual organization, I'm obsessive-compulsive about categorization - I think it's the Accounting background from highschool. I don't want just one journal, I want two or three different journals - one for each major event/project in my life. For example, one for work, one for the wedding, when I get there, I'd want one for my pregnancy (like alachicky) and one for miscellaneous things.

I also want to pull up all entries in a certain category that _I_ get to define. I want to be able to do a specific date search (give me all of my entries on one date), a date range search (give me all of my entries from this date to that date), keyword search in the Subject and keyword search in the entry body.

I also want an integrated To-Do List. All journal entries will belong to a task. If I just look at all the tasks without the journal entries, that's my To-Do List.


It would kinda be amusing if Brett knows bradfitz... I guess that depends how big the CS Department is at UW and how close the people are. Brad's an undergrad and Brett's a grad. It wouldn't be a huge stretch that Brett is a TA for one of Brad's courses (I'm thinking AI or Graphics)... maybe not.


Just for kicks...

I pulled up my userinfo:

User: bride (54508)  
Name: The Bride 
Website: My Wedding Site 
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada 
Birthdate: 10-29 
Interests: classical music, coffee, cuddling, drinking, friends,
           internet, kissing, laughing, livejournal, love, mp3s,
           poetry, romance, star trek, sushi, tea, thinking, web
           design, weddings, women, writing
Friends: 8: bradfitz, chelle, latraviata, lj_maintenance,
            nicosian, piyomomo, webbitch, xinit
Friend of: 6: bradfitz, chelle, latraviata,
              piyomomo, webbitch, xinit
Member of: 3: composing, vancouver, weddingplans
Account type: Free Account 
Date created: 2001-02-08 12:19:38 
Date updated: 2001-05-20 11:42:43, 6 minutes ago 
Clients used: Win32-MFC: 1.4.6 
Journal entries: 163 
Comments: Posted: 46, Received: 18 
Shared Journal Access: bride can post to vancouver
                       bride can post to composing
                       bride can post to weddingplans
163 entries in 8 months. I created this journal in February, but some of my entries date back to October '2000.

*sigh* I may get a paid account after the wedding when I can afford it.

Sir Bradley ruined my LJ Purity score...

*snorf* =) =) =) Now I have to go re-do the LJ Purity Test and see how much more LJ Corrupt I am. Let's see, bradfitz added me as one of his 5000000 friends, replied to one of my comments in his journal and posted in my journal.

Whew... okay, I'm still not too bad:

You answered "yes" to 27 of 100 questions, making you 73.0% lj pure (27.0% lj corrupt); that is, you are 73.0% pure in the lj domain (you have 27.0% LiveJournal Freak in you).

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