May 22nd, 2001


One-Time Use Cameras

There was a rebate offer on these Kodaks. I just spent the last hour cutting 27 UPC symbols off of the boxes. I should be getting ~$50 back.

"It's the FILM that's a CAMERA" and they're emphatically "NOT DISPOSABLE CAMERAS", says the box. Multiple times. For the _really_ slow people. 41% of the camera gets reused (the plastic case) and 26% gets recycled (the flash and maybe the wrapper label). The other 33% is probably the film.

I don't really have high hopes for the quality. I've seen both extremes with one-time use cameras.


My Fiance Guy...

Fiance Guy is a software game developer. I have to play a game of his and capture his name in the credits to make a wallpaper. =) A few more and I'll do a collage of all his titles. =)

99% of the names in software game credits have nothing to do with the project at all. The people who do the real work are at the end, usually sharing the screen with the copyright message.