May 27th, 2001


Lost too much weight

I can't remember if I wrote this yet... and I'm too damned lazy to try and find the entry.

I bought my wedding gown on October 21, 2000.

And just in the nick of time too. The store, Cocozioni, is no longer in business. The owner, Mrs. Ma, is a super wealthy Tycoon Wife from Hong Kong, she just wanted to open a boutique for lack of anything better to do. But, then her kids graduated from highschool and, one by one, all started going to school in the States. Looking after the store and flying between HK, Vancouver and a number of different places in the States was getting too much for her. She packed up the boutique.

I was only planning on looking for an evening dress for this year's round of Christmas parties, but I ended up with a banquet gown and a wedding gown. At that time, Will hadn't even proposed to me yet...

I thought the gown looked interesting when I saw it in the window. I wasn't sure how it would look on me. I thought, since I was trying stuff on anyway, why not try this gown? And it fit perfectly the first time I put it on. It was heavy, but it fit. No alterations necessary. Whatsoever. The bust, the waist, shoulders, everything.

It. Just. Fit.

I was expecting to spend over $1000 for the wedding gown alone, more for the veil and more for other accessores. Mrs. Ma was probably just as shocked as I was at how well it fit. She gave it to me for $500 flat (the price tag on it was over $1000). And she gave me the other banquet gown for $200 because it had my name all over it as well.

My headpiece, veil, strapless push-up corset and a pair of super-control-top pantyhose were thrown in free with the two gowns. She told me I could pick out gloves for a 75% discount too, but I didn't want them (damn, shoulda taken them anyway, oh well).

Well, in the stress of the last few months, I've lost too much weight and my wedding gowns are a bit too big/baggy for me. And I don't get "free alterations" with the dress because Cocozioni is long gone. I'll have to find a Seamstress who won't charge me through the roof because I didn't buy the gown at her store.

My other banquet gown has to be taken in as well and maybe hiked up a bit because I noticed that I have to be careful walking forward, but if I ever tried to step backwards, I'm hooped.

The most frustrating part of all this is no one takes me seriously when I tell them I'm too small for my dresses. No one thinks that being underweight is a problem. I get an attitude as if I don't even have a right to be upset at being too thin or worse yet, I'm being rude to my gowns because they're not thin enough and therefore, not good enough for me(!!!).
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Done, done, and done...

I bought the Unity Candle. It's handmade by a lady here in Vancouver. She peels it like a banana in six places around the candle, evenly spaced, then curls and twists those peels together to form beautiful 'S' scrolls and ribbon-like drapings. The tapers are simpler, but done in the same style. Each candle she makes is different, she doesn't do the same design twice.

I ordered the favour tags. I'm not sure how much it will be because I asked for an extra line of Chinese. Their samples only show 2 lines of English, but I know they can print Chinese and I know they can print up to 4 lines on the tags. I left a sample of what I want with Mary and I'm waiting to hear from her on Monday to see what they say.

I picked up the pew bows from Aksel. I had two large ones for the head pews and 12 small ones for the rest. I noticed right away that the two large ones didn't look the same, one of them had 2 less loops than the other one. Aksel tried to fix it right there but it didn't look right. He said he'd re-do it for me.

W and I went to see Rev. Miles again today to iron out a few more things.