June 10th, 2001


Fiancé Guy's Bookkeeping

Okay, so here are the debits and credits of last night's Stag =)

He had the Prime Rib Classic Dinner and a Paralyzer at the Keg Steakhouse.

At Brandi's, the guys bought him shooters all night:

  • Clare - Tequila
  • Kingsley - B52
  • Turen - Prairie Fire
  • Allen - China White
  • Karl - B151
  • Phil - Half Tequila/Melon Liquor(?)
  • Mark - Kamikaze
  • Ray - Tequila
And he had a lap dance (not sure if all the guys chipped in for it or if Clare paid for it). =)

Just after they left Brandi's, he felt funny, so he got Karl to pull over into an alley. He got out, half a step and 3 heaves later, most of the Prime Rib was in a puddle at his feet =D =D =D I'm so mad that Mark didn't get pictures of the first three =P

They went to Oasis after that and he heaved 3 more times, thus emptying the entire contents of his tummy altogether =) Mark got pictures of this one =) I must say, for someone who doesn't drink at all, Fiancé Guy did quite well =)

It was pretty tame, but it sounds like they had fun. =)

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... carrot was the Vegetable of the Day at The Keg yesterday.

Yes, Fiancé Guy drove me out to see the pukies he left on the town last night. =) One downtown and one in Kerrisdale. And, for the record, he still doesn't chew his food well. The carrot bits in it make the whole pile look orange.

From the sheer size of the two piles, I think he lost all of his dinner AND part of his lunch too... =D

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Chinese Brush Paintings of Bamboo, Lovebirds and Koi

In a hurry, but someone remind me to write about this. It's for my Guest Book...

[Update - 7:50pm]

I found a whole set of Chinese Brush Painting tutorial books at the mall. They had one devoted to bamboo, but it was black and white ink only and the bamboo they showed didn't especially do anything for me. Then I looked at their birds one and found various songbirds, lovebirds flying around, perching on branches with plum blossoms, bamboo and other things. There might be something there that I can use.