June 30th, 2001



The airport has become my camp-out. The International Arrivals floor staff know me by my first name. Family and friends are arriving in flocks.


New Familial Titles

I've suddenly had a lot of children start addressing me by the Chinese familial titles equivalent to "Aunt". A lot of these children who are one generation below me are in their late teens to early twenties, so it's funny that their attitudes are on par with us. There's a bigger difference in attitudes between Will/me and the cousins in the same generation.

This is still not as convoluted as me becoming a Grandmother at age 14 =)


It's NOT my wedding...

I want to kill the next person that tells me "*tsk* Remember: this is YOUR wedding".

No. It's. Fucking. NOT.

It's not for me. Not one decision was made that was not for the families. I just so happen to deal. That doesn't make it my wedding. It's getting really offensive.