July 1st, 2001


Bridesmaid's Stuff

Geez, the bridesmaid's stuff was more difficult than my stuff. We spent a whopping 6 hours at the mall.

The dresses are being altered for the third time. At least this time, there were other staff (The Other Anita and Elsa) at the boutique who were much more help, so we didn't have to deal with the Apathetic Lady.

I found out who the owner is - she manages the Parker Place store now. I was upset that I paid in full last November for their merchandise and yet, Apathetic Lady continually ignored us when we went to the store for the fittings and we felt like she was trying to push us out the door with as little work on her as possible. I think if we had to deal with her today, I would have drove out to Parker Place and complained to Anita (the owner).

Bowen's dress became too tight after the bra inserts went in, so the top had to be let out a bit. I asked them to iron Mabel's dress out a little because the seam was puckering.

Both dresses are unpoofed just right this time. *sigh of relief* So, we'll do the third fitting on Tuesday.

We also got earrings for them both. Simple, clear crystal hoops. They're okay with it.

Bowen wore her shoes that day. She was doing fine, so she should be fine this Saturday too.


I must acquire a cell phone for The Parental Units

I want a Rogers/Cantel/AT&T 2 phone cell plan with Nokia 8260's.

The plan itself wasn't too bad. It'll come out to ~$50/month for the two phones. That would give us 100 weekday minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends between the two phones.

I was just about to get it too, but the thing that stopped me was that Joyce (Celtek staffer) pointed out that the first phone comes with the plan for $285. But I had to pay the full price for the second phone - a whopping $450.

*sigh* So I'm now looking into getting refurbished phones. Joyce said the warehouse was busy, so I just left my name and number for her to call me back when she has more info on the Refurbies. =)

She mentioned that she'd give me the Refurbies for $250. Which is a lot better than $450, but the ShopRogers website lists Nokia 8260 Refurbies for $124.

Aaaagh... I couldn't find the 2-in-1 package on the Roger's website, UNTIL I looked in the FAQ. It says that the call comes in to the PRIMARY phone, if there's no answer, it gets routed to the SECONDARY phone, then to mobile message. I don't want that. I want them to both function as separate phones. I just want them both to be on the same bill AND I want a discount for having two phones. =P