July 9th, 2001


I Now Join the Ranks of the W People

Jeez... where do I even begin? I'll begin at the end. =) The wedding went much better than I thought it would. I feel like I have my self back. I'm one of those W People now and the biggest whooptie-doo in my entire life is over and done with. I've learned a lot about myself and about Peopleness. We also may have accidentally set up my Maid of Honour with Husband Guy's Best Man. *sigh* At least I didn't do it on purpose this time. =\

I'm still busy as all hell with Wedding Stuff and I'm married already. I'm writing all my entries and backdating them... I'm up to the Signing of the Register now.

We returned stuff all day Sunday and I did Post Wedding Errands all day Monday. Uncle Wallace's flight back to HKG was cancelled because of the stupid Cathay Pacific pilots striking. Cathay roasted the asses of about 50 Captains and First Officers. But that means that people are stuck when flights are cancelled.

So, I didn't get nearly as much stuff done as I wanted to today. =P

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