August 7th, 2001


Why do stupid people always find me?

First it was telemarketers and now it's door-to-door charity people. Would I like to pledge a donation to the poor? No, I would most certainly not. I work hard for my money. I suggest they do the same. Have a bake sale, do a car wash. Hell, I would have been happy to donate a little something if they offered to take my newspapers or pop cans for me. BUT DON'T JUST FUCKING STICK OUT YOUR HANDS AND ASK ME FOR MONEY. That offends me, it's no different from panhandling.

I used to give to charities all the time and then realized how incredibly stupid it was to just give money to strangers. I will support charities though. I volunteered at the Variety Club Show of Hearts Telethon for years (not just sitting there answering phones, we were on the Event Coordination Team; we did stuff for them before, during and after the Telethon). I would donate for a car wash, a bake sale, a box of cookies, a poppy or give my old clothes, but I won't just write a cheque.

But I would just write a cheque to medical research (if I had the money). IMHO, Cancer Research is not a charity (although, they maybe registered as such and conduct business under the Charities Act).

Bah... Ah theuh no prisons? Ah theuh no workhouses?

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