September 16th, 2001


Linda's Wedding

I went to my niece's wedding yesterday. Linda is the niece that's older than I am. Her brother, Lawrence, is also older than I am. Her dad, my Cousin Stephen (first cousin, no removals =D), is older than my parents... looong story that partially involves World War II.

Anyway, Linda got married yesterday and Lawrence was the MC at the banquet. They did the family introductions at the beginning and when they got to me, it was, "And Linda's Aunt, Mrs. Lin." It was the first time I was ever introduced as Mrs. Lin in public and was thrilled to be called that =)

I only object to legally forcing/assuming that I now "belong" to my husband. I don't object to the reference at all because legally, I am still me. My identity hasn't been folded under someone else's by force.

Anyway, I had a great time, Linda and Richard look great together. They have all my best wishes for a happy life together =)

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