September 17th, 2001


The Rest of New York City

One of the terrorism experts that have been popping up all over the place since Tuesday (I don't remember his name) made a very valid point. They were asking him what he feels is the most lacking area of community preparedness, and he said that "counseling or psychiatric help for the community" was it. There will be plenty of help for victims' families and survivors, as well there should be. However, the rest of the people, even those with absolutely NO connection, have suffered and are suffering as well.

This really struck a chord with me. Every one of my friends and family in NYC are safe and sound. I thank whatever Deity is out there for that. But I'm seeing all kinds of survivor's guilt and self-defeating words/thoughts at different levels from different friends.

I've been letting everyone know how much I care about them, how much I appreciate them as people and the ones I'm really worried about, I've been trying to convince them to talk to someone about getting Post-Trauma counselling.


Cute ICBC Commercial

ICBC is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. They are the car insurance agency in BC. They team up with the RCMP to do Road Checks and they're big on road safety. They have tv commercials all the time.

There's a really adorable one that shows a bunch of kids lining up for Bumper Cars. They let the kids in and they run to grab a car each. The music begins and they start driving around, you're kinda purplexed that one child backs up instead of ramming straight into a car in front of him, but it's like, whatever. Then you see a little boy wave his hand to let a little girl go in front of him. The last cut scene is with all the kids driving very slowly around in an oval around the whole arena. They fade to a printed message that says, "We're teaching them early. ICBC Road Safety".

I can't find it on Ad Critic... =(