September 19th, 2001



Yay! I'm employed again! I was beginning to lose hope with this lead because it took so long, but it just took longer than they expected. =) I got a call 15 minutes ago and offered me the position.

Thanks for all the congrats and here's hoping that thus begins a string of Job-Finding Luck for everyone!

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Halls & Sugar Cane Juice

I've been snarfing Halls and sugar cane juice all day. The sugar cane juice is for helping the "heat energy" out of my system. This is what's causing the sore throat - an imbalance of my energies towards the "heat" side.

I used to scoff at these Chinese medical remedies and I still would never try to treat something serious on my own. But the problem, I've found, is language for the most part. It sounds silly in English because there isn't the terminology to describe it. You end up using very basic vocabulary so that it's understandable, but it also makes it sound stupid.