September 26th, 2001


Last Leisurely Morning Coffee and Paper

I was actually in Yaletown at 8:00am, but I didn't have security passes or anything and I doubted that anyone came in that early. I hung out at Blenz until 8:45am, read the paper and then walked over. I was reading the paper about the dismal state of British Columbia's public education system as evidenced by the fact that everyone is enrolling their children in independent schools. The Liberal government plans to do surveys and get parents more involved.

I have no confidence in teachers in North America. My mother was an Elementary and Highschool teacher for over 10 years in China where the class sizes are over 60. Not only did my mother keep discipline in a class of 60+ and not only did she know every single student personally, their strengths, weaknesses, talents, fears, hopes and dreams, but my mother knew all her students' PARENTS personally. Every major city we visit in China MUST include visits to several families who knew my mother because she taught them in school. Mom has brought her teaching methods to Chinese schools here in Vancouver and is one of the most respected teachers.

Teachers in North America can't be bothered to tell the difference between their ass and their elbow. They can't keep discipline in a class of 20. And Substitutes are even more useless.



While I was reading the paper at Blenz, it occurred to me that this would probably be the last day in a long time that I'll be able to sit and read the paper leisurely in the morning. I'll be sleeping in until the very last possible second before getting dragged out of bed by an annoyed Husband Guy. And we'll be high-tailing it to work where I'll be ... well, working. We'll go home at about 6:30pm, home by 7:00pm, have dinner, catch up with home e-mail and then go to bed. *sigh*


At the Doorstep

I got in at 8:45am and talked to the Office Admin person for most of the morning. She ran through general stuff with me, took me on the grand tour, gave me my security passes and everything. It was funny, they have a DSC alarm system as well, so I was telling _her_ how to do stuff =)

I was told that someone would be in my seat until the end of the week, so I was planning to temporarily be in an office on the third floor for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But it was okay, the person in my seat moved back to his own office. I could settle in. =)


First Day Lunch

The team took me out to lunch =) We were going to go for Sushi but it was raining and they didn't want to go far, so we went to Simply Thai at Hamilton & Davie instead. That is THE place for First Day Lunches. I had my RS Welcome Lunch there too. =)

When Husband Guy was working for them, you were assigned a Buddy on your first day and your Buddy is supposed to take you out for lunch =)


Meetings, Meetings

I had a little orientation thingie on how to use some of the company in-house tools. I had been poking around at stuff in the morning so I went prepared with questions.

After that, I stopped by a Project Lead's office to ask about one of the projects I had been assigned to. The project is small, but interesting and there was definitely the room (and temptation) to go wild with it. =)



Missed the Enterprise pilot. *sigh*

Husband Guy and I share Flagpole (his black 1998 Acura 1.6EL) since it's more fuel efficient than Champagne (my 1990 Nissan Maxima). Our offices are on the same block now, so we can still go into work together every day. *teehee*

I was going to go home early, but I realized that I didn't have my set of Flagpole's keys. I went up to Husband Guy's office ended up waiting for him to finish up... it was either that or I go home first, but I'd have to come back to pick him up later.

Oh well. "Broken Bow" will be re-showing on Sunday.

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Paid on the First Day

Oh yeah, I got paid on my first day at work. I was kinda confuzzled when the HR lady handed me a paycheque when she went around to hand out peoples' direct deposit paystubs. I wasn't expecting anything until October 15th. =}

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