October 2nd, 2001


RIP Ibico HL-4

It was my own dumb-ass fault that my Ibico HL-4 card laminator died.

I got these contact cards made (it's basically a business card with a cool design and our contact info on it). They were made out of really thick card stock to begin with.

We also have a set of business card-sized pictures made out of one of our engagement photo session pictures. They were given to us free by the photo studio in Taiwan. Apparently, in Taiwan, that's the only thing they give out as the "Thank-You".

My brilliant idea was laminating them together, back to back. People were asking for both of them anyway. Well... the _first_ two worked. ={ I guess that about ruined the rollers on the laminating machine.

The cards started getting semi-stuck and I had to push them through. They came through alright, but because I was pushing them, there were bubbles between the plastic pocket and the cards. If I didn't push it and let it try to work out its own problems, it would come out all warped because of the uneven heating. =P

The last one almost didn't come out. It wouldn't go through forwards even when I was pushing it and because the rollers only pull the card forwards, I damn near couldn't pull it out backwards. Turning it off made it worse because the rollers have such a strong hold on the cards. It was easier to turn it back on and use the backward momentum in between the roller clicks (I know... it makes no sense unless you've done it...).

*sigh* We got good use out of it since 1995 (back when my paycheques were pure pocket lining). Club membership cards. Many a luggage tag. And just oodles of keepsakes that would have gotten mulched by the vagaries of life. So I'm not too upset.

Now I just have to decide if we need one badly enough to buy another one ($80 + 6 years' worth of inflation). Or if we should buy a bigger laminator so that we can do bigger sheets of paper. It would be cool to have several 4x6 photos laminated into clear plastic 8.5 x 11 sheets. I have business card sized pockets with small photos laminated into them and they look pretty nifty. It's like there's nothing holding the picture and it's just floating in mid air in the middle of the frame. =)


Things that make you go, "hmmmm..."

Sometimes, I think I could have made a decent living doing special events coordination or retail crafts - Goddess knows, I have the hands. In fact, I was unemployed long enough to begin thinking about this... maybe I was just being desparate, but if I'd of had one more week of dealing with HR Canada buttwipes, I think I would have started talking to B seriously about doing weddings together.