October 10th, 2001


Instant Water

I've had this really silly idea to sell "Instant Water" to stupid people. I was toying with the marketing aspect of it - LOOK! *hold out an empty cup* All purpose Instant Water! You JUST ADD WATER! It's only [CDN] fifty cents. Pop is usually $1.00 or more.

I'm so mean.

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Motivation to Look Good

My parents are members of a Chinese Cultural Choir. They have a performance coming up in mid-November. Apparently, there's been some talk about me because some of my parents' closer friends in the choir were invited to the wedding. Gack... and I thought my ears were infected or something... it turns out I was just being talked about. =)

I have a navy blue dress that I haven't worn around these people yet, so that's going to be my starting point. I just try to remember if people have seen me wear certain things. If they haven't, then the outfit counts as brand new. =) Since this isn't a wedding or anything, blue will be just fine.

What I might need to buy:

  • dark blue eyeshadow - this would be as good a time as any to try a different colour

  • black dress heels - I only own 1 pair of everyday shoes. They're leather platform heels (casual walking things; got them at a Boxing Week sale for 90% off at the mall two years ago; they've done well with me beating them up every day). I have dress heels but they're white because they were for the wedding =P


I just received my LJ t-shirt!!!

The Women's Cut size S is a bit snug on me and I'm pretty small. I'm 5'2" and Boss-Friend says I'm an average-to-slim girl build. It's still okay though.

The shirt, on the whole, is very nice. The logo is very nicely silk screened onto it. I've always liked the LJ logo, but it also silk screens well. Not all images work well that way - if there's too much logo and not enough background, you get a frickin' bib.

This logo would make a KICK ASS t-shirt if it were shrunken down and embroidered in the breast pocket area. It wouldn't be too expensive to do because it wouldn't translate to many stitches.

The shirt, itself, not the best quality cotton t-shirt though - it's fairly thin. For the cotton knit snobs, I'd say it's about a 5oz. knit, possibly even less than that...

But it's a cool thing to have. I'm very happy with it *teehee* =)

The package is marked "Gift" and signed by "MSF"(? I can make out the 'M' clearly and then it quickly disintegrates into a scribble)...

Thank you, MSF... =)

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