October 23rd, 2001


Random Autumn Thoughts

[weather|sunny & breezier than usual]
[mood|revving up for the morning]

[Paragraph 1] Wow, it's autumn again. I've had to wear long sleeves for a while now (notice my LJ icons have been wearing sleeved clothing recently? =) and a semi-thick jacket when I go outside.

[Paragraph 2] It's getting darker earlier. By 7:00pm, it's dark out. I think we're changing our clocks back this weekend. "Spring Ahead and Fall Behind"... I've always thought that was cute =)

[Paragraph 3] They don't change their clocks in the Prairie provinces. Z95.3 (local radio station) had a phone-in thing, one year waaaay back*.

[Paragraph 4] The question was "why don't they have to change their clocks in the Prairies?". They had a call from a lady that was originally from Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba (I forget which) - "it's because we're special and laws don't apply to us". She's either a Hutterite** or just plain stupid.

[Paragraph 5] No, I really don't have a point with this entry.

* For the Vancouverites: this was last century when Janis Ungaro and Clay St. Thomas were still friends and they did the morning show together.

For the Non-Vancouverites: they were very well liked radio personalities - they used to do a segment called "When Clay Was A Boy" with Janis doing the voice of Clay's Mom. It had us all ROTFLOAO.

But, they apparently had a Really Big FightTM. One morning, Janis just wasn't there, they had another girl (probably Pamela Stevens) and they said that Janis wasn't coming back. The audience protested, they brought back Janis and Clay was gone. *shrug* I guess people liked Janis better than Clay... Clay disappeared and Janis stayed on for a few more years... I think he's now at some AM radio station. Anyway... Goto: Paragraph 4

** Americans have the Amish; Canadians have the Hutterites. They are exempt from taxes (though, I'm sure they get dinged for hidden GST charges one way or another) and voluntarily don't use modern amenities. Goto: Paragraph 5



[weather|sunny & very breezy]

* throwing all my papers in the air and shouting "EUREKA!!!" *

So, from here on, proving functionality is NO WORK whatsoever. I hit a button and it spits it all out. I grab the log file and throw it at whoever cares =)


postcard_fun Community

[weather|sunny & very breezy]

*sigh* I would have loved to join postcard_fun, but there were just too many issues with trading postcards with 80 or so strangers on the internet (cost, security and time being the top three types of issues).

I love sending and receiving letters and postcards. I always send my family and closest friends postcards when I travel. =)

For The Most Shocked Look That Bride Girl Wants To Send A Pile Of 20 Postcards Award, the nominees are:

  • the postoffice clerk in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Husband Guy's Aunt in Taiwan
  • the front desk attendant at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan
  • the Mercator training instructor in Boca Raton, Florida
Could I have the envelope please?

And the Oscar goes to........ *drum roll* .......... the front desk attendant at the Shinjuku Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan!!!!