October 25th, 2001


No Response Is Great News.

[mood|good morning, all]

Well, the client hasn't called back to report problems with the release we did yesterday. It's the standard "no response" if everything is working fine and "dig your ass up at midnight" if something's wrong. So, silence is great.




I'm worried about piyomomo. Her last entry had the subject, "Teary Eyed". It was a big long entry, all in Chinese.

This can't be good. My theory at the moment is that it can only be one of a three things, really, and I have a really bad feeling it's the worst one (I see half the signs, but not the other half). But then, I tend to think of the worst case scenario first...

But I don't have the Chinese Language pack on my machine at work, so I can't even see it. I could ask for the CD to install it, but I don't know if someone would look at me sideways because it definitely wouldn't be for work...

This is frustrating. Should I ask for the CD? Should I just wait?

[Update - 4:18pm] Okay, I still can't quite tell... I'm still seeing half the signs...

[Update - 9:30pm] *sigh of relief* I was totally wrong and I'm glad. =) It was JUST A STORY that she got all teary reading and decided to post to her journal. The reason for my concern was the fact that it was about a boy and girl breaking up.

I freaked because I thought, "ohmygod, Momo and Jooky are breaking up..." - Jooky HAS been home for dinner a few days in a row now... =P I read the jist of it and got even more confused because I was going by the assumption that it wasn't just a story.

And I could definitely sense that it was written from a _girl's_ point of view, but the pronouns refering to the partner from the author's view, were the feminine form. So at one point, I was like, "She used to be a lesbian?"...

I got more and more confused as I read along - they lived in the same dormitory complex when they were in University, the boy had cancer in his digestive tract, he graduated and returned home to TaoYuan (TaoYuan is in Mainland China). And I finally clued in that it wasn't real, it was just a story... =P