October 31st, 2001


Yet Another "I Love My Company" Entry


Okay, I know this is getting old =)

I'm being fed and paid today. Again. These people amaze me! We have occasional Lunch'N'Learns where all the company is invited, some form of Mid-Day Sustenance is provided and someone gives a 1 hour presentation on a topic of their specialty that they think the rest of us would be interested in.

It's usually related to work, although I don't think it has to be. Someone joked about making me do a Lunch'N'Learn on my first day... I was like, ummm... maybe I can show everyone how to do origami. =D

Anyway, today's topic is Dissecting and Picking Apart the PDF Format In Hopes of One Day Deriving Principles on which Heisenberg Compensator Technology Will Be Based.

Okay, maybe not the Heisenberg Compensator part. But I still love this company.


What is Hunger?


Here's another clue that I might not be human.

Y'know, I don't ever remember feeling hungry. That's not to say that I've never been hungry. Physically being hungry is not the same as the feeling of needing to eat. I know why we need to eat to sustain physical bodily functions and all, I'm just not a Food Person in general. I eat because I'm bored or because someone else tells me so, not because I'm hungry.

It could be because I don't remember ever breathing out of my nose before I was 12 and smell is a large part of the eating experience. I also don't understand the incredible woe when friends tell me that they have a cold and can only breathe out of their mouth. Umm, yeah, so?

It's always difficult when someone asks me what I feel like having when we go out together. Uh, food? Food would be fine.

I can go for days without eating, I eat because it scares people when I don't. 10-day fasts are easy for me.

The only food craving I have is for brussell sprouts, but it's not like I'll go crazy if I don't have any - it's more like I'm willing to finish off the rest of it if no one else wants them. I asked my doctor if this is because I'm low in iron (under the theory that you crave foods that contain what you're lacking) and she said, no. Apparently, people who are low in iron report that they crave dirt.


Kitchen Math

Okay, I don't suck at Math, I _know_ this... I know I suck at anything having to do with the kitchen, but this is throwing me off completely.

I'm looking at the meta data section of a recipe, it says (verbatim):

    Prep Time: 15 Minutes
    Cook Time: 12 Minutes
    Ready in: 40 Minutes

I would never have bothered with The Supreme Evil, commonly referred to as The Kitchen, but I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.