November 19th, 2001


Nintendo Game & Watch

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It's gone now, but I had a link to an e-bay page for the Donkey Kong Nintendo Game & Watch double-screen game here.

I had the Mario Brothers double-screen one. This was the one where Mario and Luigi worked at a bottling factory. They had to run up and down over 3 floors to lift the cases of bottles from the lower conveyor belt to the upper conveyor belt. If they weren't there to catch the case, it would drop on the floor and the Foreman would come out of his office and wag his finger at you =) That counted as one "miss". 3 misses and the game was over.

My high score was over 9000 - I was aiming to see what would happen once I got over 9999 in the score because there were only 4 digits in the scoreboard. I remember it got insanely hard towards the end. And I got a much higher score when I managed both Mario and Luigi by myself than if I played with someone controlling Mario and I controlled Luigi (or vice versa). I knew this was because when I play on my own, I know exactly what's happening on every conveyor belt. I have a lot more time to react and put the characters in position. I never did figure out a communication system when I played with someone else. Thinking back, there should have been some form of alert as soon as we lifted one case to tell the other person where the next one was coming.

I also had Turtle Bridge which was a guy running across a river on the backs of a bunch of turtles to grab a package and bring it back to the other shore. There were little fish at the bottom of the river and the turtles would dip under to eat the fish. If you stepped on the turtle as he went for the fish, you would drown and lose a life. 3 lost lives and the game was over.

I used those as my wake-up alarm clocks from Grade 3 through to mid-highschool. =)


Stay Awake, Stay Awake, Stay Awake

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Holy cow, I'm so amazingly tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm finding it a bit hard to concentrate. I also want to take off to London Drugs and go get the pictures that are already developed.


Tip Rant

Okay, I really need to stay awake, so I'm going to rant about tipping at restaurants. I realize that I have a way different, and probably offensive, opinion than most on this, so ignore as you please...

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