November 30th, 2001


Word of the Day: "kapellmeister"

[weather|miserably dark and rainy, threatening to snow]
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The main entry was interesting, but what caught my attention was cappella.

kapellmeister \kuh-PEL-mye-ster or kah-PEL-mye-ster\ noun, often capitalized
     : the director of a choir or orchestra

Example sentence:
     Joanne and Michael spent several days interviewing applicants for the job of Kapellmeister for their new choir.

Did you know?
     As you may have guessed, "Kapellmeister" originated as a German word -- and in fact, even in English it is often (though not always) used for the director of a German choir. In German, "Kapelle" means "choir" and "Meister" is the German word for "master." The Latin "magister" is an ancestor of both "Meister" and "master," as well as of our "maestro," meaning "an eminent composer or conductor." "Kapelle" comes from "cappella," the Medieval Latin word for "chapel." As it happens, we also borrowed "Kapelle" into English, first to refer to the choir or orchestra of a royal or papal chapel, and later to describe any orchestra. "Kapellmeister" is used somewhat more frequently than "Kapelle" in current English, though neither word is especially common.

a cappella or a capella /"ä-k&-'pe-l&/ adverb or adjective
     : without instrumental accompaniment

     Italian: a cappella - "in chapel style". Date: circa 1864

I'm sure the Italians would be really happy with the Jackie Chan Song =)

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[weather|miserably dark and rainy]

That's it, I want a desk lamp. It would be my only source of heat around here.

Haha =) I'll never forget last year at RS when xinit turned the office into a Sub-Antarctic climate. He kept pointing to the thermostat that read 24C (75.2F) and grunts "Argue with THAT!".

The back of Mike-a-zoid's monitor was breathing on the thermostat, so it thought the whole room was 24C =P


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"... and suddenly there's this rotten stench, like someone took dying and turned it inside out."

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