December 11th, 2001


Hey Megan!

[weather|bright and sunny, which means it's freezing out there]

*wave* *wave* Let me know when you get your journal!

She random'ed into my journal, got tangled and couldn't get out. =)


Repeat After Me

There is nothing wrong with buying things just for the packaging or the container.

I do this all the time (less in recent days, but nonetheless...). I saw cookies that came in a Forever Friends tin for $5.00. It's one of those 8" round cookie tins. You can't get a container that size, alone, with an Andrew Brownsword image on it for less than $10.00. The same goes for Hello Kitty and other Sanrio character packaging.

The way I see it, I'm getting a very cool cookie tin and it's an added bonus that there's some kind of food stuff in it.

The Husband hates it when I do this. I'm waiting for the day he needs a nice container for a gift. Then, I'll tell him in a quiet, Sally Forth tone: "I don't want to hear another word about me buying things just for the container".