December 13th, 2001


LiveJournal Re-Architecturing

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:


[at 1356h today]

    Q: When are the big plans scheduled to take place?
    Brad: They'll take place slowly over the next few weeks.

Excuse me while I go back up my entries now... and make sure I have the Paypal Confirmation of Payment for both my account and Esmerelda's... check.

More LJ Re-Architecturing Thoughts

After talking with evan a bit, I think I know where my hmm'ing comes from. Not a fully cohesive thought/suggestion/objection or anything, just a hmm =)

If the major load of LJ is in the Friends View, then the best split of the users into clusters will minimize cross-cluster communication for the Friends View and Communities.

However, there's no good heuristic on how we make our friends. evan's friends are mostly in his geographical area. Mine, however, are not - online-wise, I'm actually less likely to know people in my own area.

LJ needs an architecture that deals well with randomness of its users.