December 15th, 2001


Still Uggie

[weather|dark cloudy]
[mood|Neo Citron fog]

The winds have died down. I'm awake, but still foggy. My throat is still lumpy and sore. It hurts to swallow. Ow, it hurts to yawn too.

I still have no internet. Blaaaah... =C *pout*


Much Better

[weather|dark rainy]
[mood|less sickie than before]

I'm feeling a lot better. The lumpy sore throat is still there, but much much better this evening. I've been trying to stay warm, drinking warm tea, warm sugar cane water, and I just had a mug of warm Neo Citron again for tonight.

We watched The Matrix again. Keanu Reeves is one of those actors that I love to see, but don't like to watch much. I don't always like the way he acts. The nonchalant, indifferent, reserved, unfeeling thing comes through everything he does, even when he's trying to do something as emotionally charged as panicking. I loved KR in A Walk In The Clouds as Paul Sutton. There, again, it probably wasn't his acting that I liked. It was the story, the way KR looks in a uniform and my own imagination. =D

He's gorgeous when he's neat and tidy, in a suit that fits, hair nicely trimmed and kempt. Unlike the Re-hab Escapee In Armani that he usually is going to premieres... *ech*


Cheesy Pick-up Lines

So, buttaflii was talking about cheesy pickup lines and asked all of us about the worst one we got. Being Imzadi since I was 16, I don't get many pickup lines, but one of the few that stuck out in my mind was at a Beer Garden. This guy lightly bumps into me, accidentally on purpose, I'll bet. He says:

"Oops, sorry for that C-0 continuity there. Hi, I'm Geoff..."

I thought it was really cute. C-0 continuity is the Mathematical description of two curves in n-space that touch. If two curves are touching, no matter how (smoothly joined or at an angle), they are said to be "displaying C-0 continuity".

I ended up talking to him for quiet a while. =D He was tall, blue eyed, blonde and he was in my Euclidean Geometry class if you must know. Haven't seen him since the end of that course.

Okay, so it was a superlatively geeky pickup, but it's better than, "Hey baby, what's your Eigen Vector?"