December 17th, 2001


The Prisoner of Azkaban

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I need to be sick more often... well, no, I don't actually want to be sick, I just want more time to read and sleep. Saturday and Sunday, I was feeling more rested than I ever have been in years, even though it was drug induced and I slept just about around the clock.

I finished The Prisoner of Azkaban (third Harry Potter book) last night... which was a really bad idea because I had to go to work this morning, but eh, whatever. I had resolved to go to bed early (2200h) and read until I fell asleep. This is about all the time I have for reading. It usually works, I have to backtrack a little the next time for the bit that didn't quite stick to my brain while I zone in and out of consciousness. But last night, I thought I was really close to the end... for three hours. =D

I'm starting to get the hang of JKR and I pretty much guessed the ending to PoA. My guess was right, but still didn't spoil it too much. It was a little more complicated than I thought and I still enjoyed it.

Questions for all the Potter Fans:

How do you pronounce "Slytherin"? I can't decide if it's supposed to be slitherin' (as in "a snake's prime method of motion" which fits fairly well, if not a little too obvious) or if it's a long-i (as in "SLY-there-in").

How do you say "Hermione"? I'm lost after the second syllable.

Pronunciations is one of the reasons I want to see the movie. Just to see how off I am. I'll probably see it one night this week.


Comfy Reading Corner

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There's an area off to the side and behind my desk that has ugly olive green couches. It's an under-used lounge and waiting area. The only person who ever has people waiting to see her is the Director of Finance. Her office is squarely behind my desk and everyone who waits to see her comes to chat with me =) I should keep some toys and activities on a free edge of my desk for people waiting for her. =)

But anyway, back to this under-used lounge with ugly unwelcoming green couches. I discovered today that those couches are very comfy. I may actually set myself up over there with a desk lamp and a blankie. Then in the evening, instead of sitting at my desk, I'll grab myself a mug of tea, bring my cell phone along, maybe break up a granola bar and go curl up on one of the armchairs and read my Harry Potter book.


Harry Potter Pronunciations

I've decided that I'm going to pronounce "Hermione", "HER-mon-ee". That sounds the best. It's a bit like "harmony" and I could open up that first vowel just a bit. I went to school with twin girls named Melodie and Harmonie. Both of them kicked tremendous ass on the piano.

I'll keep a lookout for where she talks about this in The Goblet of Fire. I didn't think "her-mee-OWN" was right, but I didn't know what to do with all the extra vowels... =P I didn't like the way "her-my-OWN-knee" sounded either.

And it's slitherin' and kidditch. What else? HAY-grid and loo-PAN (I knew he was a werewolf as soon as they said his name on the train).