December 31st, 2001


*Sinking Feeling*


Oh Gawd, WHAT have I DONE?!?! *wringing hands in agony*

Remember that Megan girl?

I was looking up my codes to give one to Bungo and I noticed the one I gave out to that Megan girl was already used. It was kinda like oh, she didn't tell me she created a journal already... I'll go say hi.

Then I looked at her journal. It was created quite a while ago. Not only did she probably have no intention of speaking to me again, it wUz 1 uv theeeeeeeeez:

< exerpt quote="verbatim" >

    newayz, i dk where 2 start. hmm. O!! ricky broke up w/me :o( i dk y :o(. i miss u riccccckyyyyy!!!!!! newayz, therez this reeeaaaaaaallly HOTT guy i work w/. his names jon jon. mmmmmmm *so* sexxy!!!!! im gunna ask him out. wut do u think about it?? i kno its only my 1st entry!! but tell me!! what should i dooooooooooooo???????????????????

< / exerpt >

*ech* That'll learn me good... I'm SO sorry for Pandora-ing this kind of nastiness on the rest of the world. She sounded normal when we were talking over e-mail.