January 9th, 2002


I'm HAPPY. Really.


I haven't felt much like writing in the last little while. I've been commenting here and there, and in weddingplans.

The only good thing about life right now is work. At work, I'm a part of a team, I have a part to play, people appreciate me for it and they tell me so. Just yesterday, Y, one of the founding owners of the company asked me how I was doing, if things were "too tough" for me (English isn't his first language, but I knew what he meant), etc. When I told him that I thought I was a bit slow, he said that, on the contrary, my work has been excellent.

I guess Guai-Guai can sense I'm miserable at home too. The bird ignores me to a certain degree now. Which is fine, it would have been nice to play with him, but whatever.

[Addendum - 1500h]

I just called to make an appointment for Champagne maintenance. I'm [over]due for a Major Haul-Ass-Take-My-Car-Apart-And-Scrub-Every-Top-Quark-Individually-By-Hand Tune-Up which is going to be (CDN)$395.00 + tax. I think my brakes are up for changing too... $295/set, if I get the front set and the back set changed, I'm looking at $1000.00's worth of work.

And that would be an optimistic estimate because gawd knows what ELSE is wrong. Knowing my luck, my car will have cavities, need wisdom teeth taken out and need braces too.