January 15th, 2002


Weird Food Cravings

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I have this insane craving for brussel sprouts. I'm about the only creature in the Universe who likes and craves brussel sprouts. Plain boiled, no sauce, dip or any other kind of flavouring on them. Sometimes, I'll put a little mayonnaise on them, but I usually eat them just by themselves.

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Word of the Day: "frigorific"

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Here's an interesting word =) Okay, maybe it's not that interesting a word, but it sounds interesting.

frigorific \frih-guh-RIH-fik\ adjective
     : causing cold
     : chilling

Example sentence:
     Jamie shivered as she faced the frigorific blast of wind blowing off the lake.

Did you know?
     The chill in "frigorific" comes from "frigus," the Latin word for "frost" or "cold." ("Frigorific" is derived from the Latin "frigorificus," the adjective form of "frigus.") "Frigus" has provided us with other icy words as well. It is the source of "refrigerate" ("to keep cold"), and also of the combining form "frigo-" ("cold") and the noun "frigorimeter" ("a thermometer designed for low temperatures"), both of which are primarily scientific and somewhat rare. "Frigus" is also related to the ancestors of "frigid" ("intensely cold"). "Frigorific" is a relatively unusual word and is used considerably less often than its relatives "refrigerate" and "frigid."

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