January 26th, 2002


Word of the Day: "doyen"


doyen \DOY-en; DWAH-yan\ noun
     : The senior member of a body or group.
     : One who is knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field of endeavour.

doyenne \doy-(Y)EN; dwah-YEN\ noun
     : A woman who is a doyen.

      French, from Late Latin decanus, "dean". Circa 1670.

This word jumped out at me because it brought back memories of buying my full sized violin at this little shop on Alma Street and W. 12th Ave. The Doyen Violin Shop. =)

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Butter Chicken


Okay, so I chickened out. I was going to make Butter Chicken for Bungo but I thought he should try the real stuff first.

We went to Curry Express at the Lansdowne Mall foodcourt for lunch. I used to go to Curry Express all the time with co-workers when I worked in that area. Their beef curry and lamb curry was a bit off today. =P But the Butter Chicken was good. I was thinking that we could get a tub of it to mix with rice for lunch during the week.